It’s Divorce Season

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As outlined by recent media reports January is known amongst family lawyers as divorce season. At Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers, it is no different. We find many clients have either spent the holiday season thinking about taking the plunge to opt out of their marriage, or things may have escalated over that time. While many make…


Teacher Sacked for Correcting Student’s Spelling on Twitter

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A US school has reportedly sacked a teacher for correcting a student’s spelling on Twitter. According to the www.9news.com.au report, the student posted on Twitter that they hope that school is closed “tammarow”. The teacher replied: “But then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow’”? The teacher was dismissed as the school disagreed with the tone…


Meditation as an Alternative to the Family Court

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If you are serious about separating from your spouse, your first stop should be an appointment with Lisa Ruggero-Salerno who can mediate between you and your spouse. As Lisa Ruggero-Salerno has 33 years’ experience as an Accredited Family Law Attorney and Solicitor, she has the skills and knowledge to help you both to try and…


Drink Driving Matters

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Get caught drink driving? Don’t worry, the experienced Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers criminal law team are here to help. Whether you are a first time offender or you have an ongoing problem with drink driving, going to court for a drink driving matter can be a daunting task. We are not here to judge you,…