Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers is a leading firm when it comes to Wills, Estates and Estate Planning.

We have changed the face of the law when it comes to challenging Wills and Estates. We know what it takes to challenge a Will and win.

For this reason, if you are appointed the Executor of an Estate, or you have not been included in a Will, or just simply want to know what your rights are, it is important that you contact us to see how we can help you.

We also offer an extensive array of Estate planning services and are able to take care of all of your documentation such as Power of Attorneys, Guardianship Agreements, Advance Care Directives and any trusts that you may wish to establish.

If a loved one is in a nursing home or other aged care facility please ask about our out-of-office service.

We offer the following services:
· Succession Act Matters
· Will Disputes and Challenges;
· Probate;
· Powers of Attorney;
· Guardianship Agreements and Disputes;
· Advanced Care Directives;
· Capacity Issues;
· Testamentary Trusts;
· Estate Planning