Looking for a Family Law Solicitor or Lawyer in Kingsford?

Experience counts and having an Accredited Family Law Specialist is a win win situation.

Our Family Law team is led by two Accredited Family Law Specialists who operate at both our Sydney and Mascot offices.

For an appointment at 1129 Botany Road, Mascot: Contact Melissa Full on 9667 1271 or email mailto:mf@vrtlawyers.com.au

For an appointment at 162 Goulburn Street, Sydney: Contact Sandra O’Connor on 9264 7244 or email mailto:so@vrtlawyers.com.au

Daniella Ruggero Accredited Family Law Specialist

Lisa Ruggero Salerno Accredited Family Law Specialist

Family Law Accredited Specialist

Accredited Family Law Specialists can handle all your family law needs including divorce, custody, property and other disputes.