LISA RUGGERO-SALERNO – Accredited Family Law Specialist

Areas of Law: Family and De Facto Law, Family Provision Claims, Estate Disputes, Commercial Law, Litigation, Dispute Resolution.

Family Law Accredited Specialist

Family Law Accredited Specialist

LISA RUGGERO-SALERNO Lisa Ruggero-Salerno is a leading Accredited Family Law Specialist who has been at the forefront of law for twenty years. Lisa Ruggero-Salerno is a tenacious lawyer who has achieved results in cases which has changed the legal landscape. Click here to see how Lisa Ruggero-Salerno has changed the law. However, no matter is too small for Lisa Ruggero-Salerno who, along with her helpful team, have developed a reputation for her personal and dedicated approach in the sensitive area of family law and estate law. Lisa Ruggero-Salerno’s success is not limited to family law and de-facto disputes. Lisa Ruggero-Salerno has built up a portfolio of success in an array of legal areas including but not limited to commercial law, litigation, dispute resolution, and personal injury. Lisa Ruggero-Salerno is also a successful mediator.

Lisa Ruggero-Salerno is also well known in the local community for her support for a range of charities. Alongside her husband, Lisa Ruggero-Salerno and Vizzone Ruggero Twigg play a big part in the organisation of the popular Fairways Charity golf day at the Lakes Golf Club in Sydney. The day attracts many local and international business people and celebrities and raises money and awareness for a variety of charities. Lisa Ruggero-Salerno and Vizzone Ruggero Twigg are also supporters of local education, sponsoring the award for the most outstanding legal studies student at J.J Cahill Memorial High School each and every year.



Areas of law: conveyancing, property law, wills and power of attorneys, notary services leases, mortgages, sale and purchase of business, commercial transactions, estate planning and deceased estates, criminal law, contract law, sports law.

JOE VIZZONE Joe Vizzone is a well known identity in the South Sydney and Eastern Suburbs areas of Sydney. After being admitted as a solicitor in 1980 Joe Vizzone quickly became well known for his expertise in the areas of property law, conveyancing, estate planning and deceased estates. He is also a public notary who offers the complete array of notary services. As Vizzone Ruggero Twigg is conveniently located near Sydney Airport and Port Botany, Joe Vizzone has a wide range of individual and commercial clients who need things done quickly and effectively by a senior solicitor.

Joe Vizzone is also well known in the South Sydney and Eastern Suburbs communities for his on-going community work. He is currently sitting on the boards of the South Sydney Juniors and the Botany Enterprise Council. He is also a life member of Mascot Junior Rugby League Football Club for over 20 years dedication and service as a volunteer and administrator. Joe Vizzone and Vizzone Ruggero Twigg continue to support local sport and education through the sponsorship of Mascot Junior Rugby League Football Club, Botany Junior Rugby League Football Club, Mascot Netball Club and J.J Cahill Memorial High School.


DANIELLA RUGGERO- Accredited Family Law Specialist

Family Law Accredited Specialist

Family Law Accredited Specialist

Areas of law: Family law, de facto relationships, family provisions, wills and estate. 

DANIELLA RUGGERO Daniella Ruggero was admitted as a solicitor in 2007 and has quickly built up a robust client base that seeks and appreciates her energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated approach to resolving client’s needs. Daniella Ruggero establishes and thrives on strong relationships with her clients. Her personal and sensitive approach has meant that she has already achieved significant success, particularly in the area of family provisions claims. Daniella Ruggero also speaks fluent Italian and can assist Italian clients with legal documentation such as procuras for use in Italy.

As well as being awarded a Masters in Legal Practice at the University of Technology in Sydney, Daniella Ruggero has also completed a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney. This background in economics means that Daniella Ruggero can adequately consider the economic consequences of your case without sacrificing her personal approach.

If you want a smart, energetic and rewarding solicitor, Daniella Ruggero is who you want. Daniella Ruggero is already proving to be next big thing in the legal landscape and has quickly established herself as highly sought after by Vizzone Ruggero Twigg client base.



Areas of Law: All types of Litigation, Employment Law (unfair dismissal and adverse action), Commercial Law and Litigation, Criminal Law, Sports Law, Horse Law

JOHN VIZZONE John is a new breed of lawyer who is constantly looking for the best outcome for his client, whether it is via traditional litigation or through effective negotiation or other methods.

However, in an era of specialisation John continues to offer a holistic approach to your legal matter. Although John has a particular interest in industrial relations, employment law, civil and commercial litigation, sports law, horse law and criminal law, John has exposure to all areas of law to ensure that no stone is left unturned when protecting your interests.

In a short time he has achieved extraordinary results for his clients in a cost effective manner. Whilst John Vizzone can and will brief some of the best barristers and legal counsel’s in Australia when the matter calls for it, he is also a competent advocate in his own right and through his terrific court room skills has achieved fantastic results for clients including:

Successfully Defending an Unfair Dismissal Claim For An Employer

Defending a Negligent Driving Charge and Obtaining A Cost Order Against the Police.



FIONA CAMPBELL- Special Counsel

Areas of Law: Medical Negligence, Personal Injury 

Fiona Campbell is a Senior Lawyer is a medical negligence and personal injury law expert who has  achieved enormous success on behalf of VRT Lawyers clients.

Fiona Campbell has spent considerable time at some of Australia’s largest firms but now dedicates her time to Vizzone Ruggero Twigg so that she can personally see that our client’s get the help that they deserve. Fiona Campbell understands the enormous problems that others may cause in your life and will go to enormous lengths to ensure that your case is dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Fiona Campbell currently manages a small portfolio of claims which means that each case gets the attention to detail it deserves.

Fiona Campbell has extensive medical knowledge which means that she can understand your issues and ensure that you also get the treatment and support that you need to rebuild your life.

Fiona Campbell also has extensive experience and knowledge in claims involving psychological and mental injuries.

Fiona has become

Get the help you deserve; make an appointment with Fiona Campbell today.



Areas of Law: Family Law, Litigation

Angelo joins our team in 2017 as an experienced solicitor with a particular interest and expertise in Family Law and General Litigation.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Technology Sydney, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. Angelo also spent time in Italy studying at the University of Bologna where he honed his Italian language skills. Angelo is fluent in both Greek and Italian.

With experience in a variety of Family Law and Commercial Law firms across Sydney, he brings the expertise that our clientele will appreciate. He will deal with matters in a compassionate yet efficient manner to deliver you the desired outcome for you matter.