John Vizzone

Areas of Law: All types of Litigation, Employment Law (unfair dismissal and adverse action), Commercial Law and Litigation, Criminal Law, Sports Law, Horse Law

JOHN VIZZONE John is a new breed of lawyer who is constantly looking for the best outcome for his client, whether it is via traditional litigation or through effective negotiation or other methods.

However, in an era of specialisation John continues to offer a holistic approach to your legal matter. Although John has a particular interest in industrial relations, employment law, civil and commercial litigation, sports law, horse law and criminal law, John has exposure to all areas of law to ensure that no stone is left unturned when protecting your interests.

In a short time he has achieved extraordinary results for his clients in a cost effective manner. Whilst John Vizzone can and will brief some of the best barristers and legal counsel’s in Australia when the matter calls for it, he is also a competent advocate in his own right and through his terrific court room skills has achieved fantastic results for clients including:

Successfully Defending an Unfair Dismissal Claim For An Employer

Defending a Negligent Driving Charge and Obtaining A Cost Order Against the Police.