VRT Lawyers provides mediation services in family law matters.  


Mediation is a structured negotiation process by which a neutral person (mediator) helps the parties with negotiations to resolve their dispute and to make arrangements for children, finances and property. This is an alternative to a dispute being settled in the Family Court and decided upon by a judge. The process of mediation is beneficial as it can save time, costs and can reduce stress for all concerned after a relationship has broken down.

Tracey Hayman, the firm’s Mediator and Senior Associate in our Family Law team, facilitates these mediations and is an expert at resolving disputes between separated families. Tracey is adept at achieving a swift, cost-effective outcome in family law matters. Tracey will bring an understanding and empathic nature to handling your issue, particularly those involving children’s and other sensitive issues.


Tracey’s impressive knowledge of the law in this practice area enables her to appreciate the positions the parties mediating are in, however when acting as a mediator, Tracey cannot advise and her role is as an impartial, facilitative mediator. Depending on the type of mediation you require, you will have your own lawyer present on the day if you wish, however, Tracey also conducts mediations without legal assistance if that is what the parties desire. 


Tracey has practiced exclusively in family law since 2013. She holds a Masters of Applied Family Law and holds the Nationally Accredited Mediator qualification (NMAS). 


To book a mediation with Tracey, please contact Sandra O’Connor who will take initial details for the booking and Tracey will then contact the parties (or their lawyers) in relation to your Intake Sessions and the Mediation. 

Mediations can be held in one of our offices based in the Sydney CBD and Mascot, online, or at a venue selected by the parties. Please email so@vrtlawyers.com.au to arrange.