• John Vizzone

1 in 14 Random Drug Tests Fail

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

According to figures obtained under Freedom of Information by the Daily Telegraph 1 in 14 persons fail Random Drug Driving Tests. This compares significantly to 1 in 310 for traditional alcohol testing.

“Police now regularly test for cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine in its various forms. Drivers need to be careful to ensure that any illicit drug is still not in their system when they drive. However, the difficulty is that it can take many days to exit their system. There is no hard or fast rule,” said, VRT Lawyers Criminal Law Partner John Vizzone.

What is the punishment for drug driving (specifically drive with illicit or prescribed substance present in system)? The punishment is a 3 month automatic disqualification of your driver’s licence. The Court however can:

  • Dismiss the charge and not record a conviction (which means that there is no disqualification);

  • Fine you;

  • Place you on a conditional release order;

  • Place you on a community corrections order;

  • Place you on an intensive corrections order;

  • Sentence you to a term of imprisonment of up to 2 years (18 months for a first offence).


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