$500,000 for cheating

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A SYDNEY woman has won a $500,000 payout from her ex-husband’s estate because he cheated her in their divorce settlement 14 years ago.

The Supreme Court last week found that millionaire businessman William Lance Dolman might have understated his assets by $300,000, or about 30 per cent, when he divorced in 1991.

“I think it is reasonable to infer that (Mr Dolman) had access to other funds which he did not disclose to the Family Court,” the court’s Master Richard Macready said.

Mr Dolman retained ownership of the couple’s waterfront Drummoyne home when he divorced his then wife, Pamella, in 1991.

The businessman declared his assets to be worth just under $1 million at the time, including the marital home and an apartment in the Philippines.

But when he died, aged 71, in 2003, his estate was estimated at almost $5 million.

He had also paid off a $200,000 mortgage and accumulated more than $240,000 in savings, even though he retired only six years after the divorce, the court heard.

Mr Dolman paid his ex-wife $500,000 as her share of their estate in 1991 after more than 20 years of marriage.

Master Macready said Mrs Dolman bought a home with the money, but was now a pensioner dependent on her daughter paying board.

WARREN OWENS – MATP – 238 Words 05 June 2005 Sunday Telegraph

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