6 Year Old Girl Gives Divorcing Mum Advice

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

By Lisa Rugero Salerno, Accredited Family Law Specialist

Even after 35 years of practising in Family Law, I was moved by this video. Don’t let your Family Law dispute get to this stage! Either myself, Lisa Ruggero Salerno or Daniella Ruggero, both  Accredited Family Specialists can help you. Make an appointment for either at our City Office or Mascot.

Lisa Ruggero Salerno can either act on your behalf or mediate for both parties and if you reach settlement, she will prepare all the paperwork for Court and assist you to obtain independent advice before signing.

Enquire now  by calling our family law paralegal Sandra O’Connor on 9264 7244 or emailing. 

Family Law Accredited Specialist

Family Law Accredited Specialist

Lisa Ruggero Salerno Accredited Family Law Specialist

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