• Lisa Ruggero-Salerno

Coercive Control - Criminalisation Supported by the Law Society of NSW

Updated: Feb 6

VRT Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist, Lisa Ruggero Salerno, shares her insights on coercive control in light of this article from the Law Society Journal.

Coercive control has become very significant and the Law Society is joining forces for it to be criminalised.

It is important to all parties in family law proceedings recognise and know what coercive control is.

Whether you are the perpetrator or the receiver of coercive control this information is vital.

When you separate it is important that you respect your partner, that you do not during the relationship and especially after separation use words or actions that can be interpreted as coercive control. There are many articles on the internet as to what amounts to coercive control.

It is particularly important at separation (when tensions are high) that you think about what you write in an email, that you think about what you say because all of that information can and will be put into an affidavit - especially if it relates to children.


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