Coughing Attacks On Police Continue

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Man refused bail after coughing at Police after being told Bondi Beach is closed.

On 30 March 2020 the New South Government introduced tough new restrictions whereby you are not allowed to leave your place of residence without a reasonable excuse to combat the Covid-19 crisis.

Man allegedly coughs at Police

This was largely in response to mass social gatherings including large crowds on Bondi Beach. Today media outlets are reporting that a man at Bondi Beach was charged after allegedly spitting at Police after refusing to leave Bondi Beach after being told by lifeguards that the Beach was closed.

He was charged with fail to comply with the terms of a Council notice, resist officer in the execution of their duties, intimidate police officer in the execution of their duty without actual bodily harm. A charge of intimidate police officer attracts a possible maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment.

A similar alleged incident occurred at Nowra over the weekend to continue smiliar attacks on Police, according to NSW Police media.

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