Dealing With Children Through Separation

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

By Lisa Ruggero-Salerno

What can we learn from the Stefanovic Case?

This week there was a great article by the Daily Telegraph’s Louise Roberts about the Stefanovic family. It shows a high profile couple having difficulties in dealing with their children through separation.

It is difficult to deal with children when couples separate. Each parent usually wants to protect their child. During my 35 years experience as a Family Law Attorney and Family Law Specialist at Vizzone Ruggero Twigg, Lawyers, I  have seen people that really do care for their children but really affect their children and their  future by fighting, bickering, being difficult and nasty to each other in front of the children.

The first thing that a parents after separation should learn is not to fight in front of the children. Don’t you think that they have had enough during the marriage/relationship of watching their parents fight? It is a difficult time for the children – it  should be as harmonious as possible. Any discussions should be away from the children.

A good lawyer will walk you through trying to reach a resolution with the father/mother. There are many books on the market that help parents navigate through these difficult times.  The Family Court has two booklets:  Questions & Answers about separation for children and about separating. The links are below to the PDF versions of the books. They are a good read and should be the first step when parents separate.

There are also parenting courses run by various organisations at different times.

If you need a good lawyer to navigate through Divorce, Separation, Property, Children, Lisa Ruggero-Salerno or Daniella Ruggero are Accredited Family Law Specialists, with decades of experience in Family Law.

The journey is never easy but it can be made easier. Just because the parents have separated, why do the children have to suffer?

As a parent you should protect your child/children from toxic sepration.

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