Disqualified from Driving? New Laws Mean We Can Help You Get Your Licence Back

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

New laws announced by the NSW government mean that persons that are currently disqualified from driving are able to apply to court to have their disqualification order quashed.

The new laws are aimed at discouraging driving whilst disqualified by rewarding those who do get caught committing driving offences whilst disqualified.Further, the Habitual Traffic Offenders Scheme has been scrapped, meaning those currently on such orders, which includes a mandatory five year disqualification.

To be eligible to apply to the Court you must have been disqualified for a period of at least two years and not to have been convicted of certain offences. Once at Court, the Magistrate will determine whether it is in the community’s interest for you to have your licence returned.

The laws represent a major shift in government policy. According to the Attorney-General, heavy disqualification periods unfairly target those in rural and indigenous communities.

The change commenced on 28 October 2017 amongst a raft of other powers to work hand in hand with the watering down of the disqualification periods. Such changes include:

  1. Police now have the power to confiscate vehicles when drivers are caught driving whilst disqualified or unlicensed.

  2. Police can issue longer sanctions for persons with multiple offences.

  3. Changes to disqualification periods for certain offences to make them more proportionate to the offence. For example, driving whilst disqualified was treated as being akin to high range drink driving.

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New laws mean those on lengthy disqualifications can get their licence back.

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