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Family Law Update: 2020/2021 Federal Budget

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

On 6 October 2020, the Government announced the 2020/21 Federal Budget which included funding allocated to the Family Court of Australia (FCA) and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCC), including:

Majority of the funding has been allocated to judges, registrars and support staff in order to facilitate the timely resolution of family law matters. The budget provides for funding for existing FCC judges, registrars and support staff as well as 4 additional FCC judges, 2 additional migration registrars and 5 additional family law registrars and their support staff. The additional funding is welcomed by the Courts and the Family Law Community, particularly in light of the recent passing of FCC Judge Guy Andrew and the current litigation time frames of up to three years. It is promising that the Federal Government has recognised the significance of the work that the Courts do and we are hopeful that the ongoing resources will continue.


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