Going to Court in Family Law Cases

By Lisa Ruggero-Salerno

At Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Divorce Attorneys and General Litigators, we pride ourselves on preparing before we go to Court.

Going to Court means  90%  preparation and 10%  advocacy.

How can you be prepared for Court?

Firstly if you have a hearing that is in the Family Court, Federal Circuit Court or elsewhere, you should try and rest one week before.

Going to Court is very stressful and it is important that you are well rested.

You should read your Affidavits carefully.  You should read your Affidavits at least two to three times before you go to Court especially in Family Law.  You will be cross-examined on what is written in your Affidavit.

It is important to be as prepared as you can.  The only way to prepare is to be rested and to read your Affidavits over and over again.

Concentrate on your own Affidavits and not of the otherside.  You are not giving evidence for the other side. Your job is to make sure you are ready for cross examination.

If you have a Family Law matter or require assistance with Family Law we at Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers pride ourselves on preparing your matter and assisting you through a difficult time in your life.

Going to Court is very stressful  and no matter what amount of preparation there will be some stress involved.  It is important to try and minimise that stress. That way you give us the best chance of winning your case.

Lisa Ruggero-Salerno is an Accredited Family Law Specialist who has almost three decades of experience and success winning family law cases. Lisa regularly acts in family law cases that are before the Family Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court and the Family Court of Appeal. If you wish to discuss your case with her, please call her Secretary Melissa Full on 9667 1271 or mf@vrtlawyers.com.au to arrange an appointment to see Lisa at either our Mascot or Sydney CBD office. 

Lisa Ruggero-Salerno Accredited Family Law Specialist

Lisa Ruggero-Salerno Accredited Family Law Specialist

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