Hot Topic: Contesting A Will- The Richie Benaud Case

If you have been following the media lately one of the most common stories of late are stories about people challenging the will of various celebrities in Court.

In case you have missed it, recently this has included the late great Richie Benaud and former New South Wales Premier Neville Wran.

In what is known as a “Family Provision Claim” a family member, carer or other eligible persons can bring an Application to the Supreme Court of New South Wales that they have not been given adequate provision for a deceased’s Will.

This how allowed those who are aggrieved at being left out of a Will an opportunity to make a claim and benefit from a deceased’s Estate.

In Richie Benaud’s case provision is being sought by his first wife, whom he divorced some 50 years ago and his son.

Strict time limits apply so it is important that if you believe you have been unfairly left out of a Will, or just have a niggling question about what your rights may be, it is important that you seek urgent legal advice from an experienced lawyer who has had success in family provision claims.

We have been very successful in this area of law. Some of our cases have changed the law in this field and are leading precedents that are referred to by lawyers and law students alike.

Don’t run out of time- make an appointment with one of our lawyers today on 02 9667 1271 at either our Sydney or Mascot office.

Estate Battle

Richie Benaud Estate Battle

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