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It is important that when you deal with a Family Law Attorney, no matter how good the Family Law Attorney is how complicated your matter is, you can help to keep your costs down.

The way that you can keep costs down is to provide information which is important to the Family Law Attorney. What is important?


You can provide your Lawyer or Attorney with a detailed chronology.

A chronology must have relevant information. If your case is about children, a history of your involvement with the children, whether or not you have been their primary carer, and the involvement of your partner or spouse.  The more information that you can provide in a chronological and sensible manner will assist you in your case and assist your Attorney/Family Lawyer.


To provide your Attorney with rambling emails will be costly to you, because the attorney will need to read the whole email to ascertain if there is anything relevant and important in your email that can be used. Try and use bullet points which are concise and to the point. If your Attorney or Family Lawyer requires you to expand on any bullet point he or she will ask you to add more information and will walk through with you, the additional information required.


Most Family Law Lawyers will charge for telephone calls.  Therefore, it is important that you realise that each phone call will be charged.  You should limit your calls and try to write down any questions and discuss them in conference with your lawyer rather than by telephone.


A lawyer wants to know that you understand what is going on and that you understand the court process.  Any queries that you have should be answered for you.  It is important that you ask questions of anything that is worrying you.  The most important advice: listen to your lawyer.  You are paying the lawyer for his/her expertise.

There is no point in arguing with your lawyer, you are on the same team.  If there is something worrying you, you should raise that issue with the lawyer.

 It is important that you have good communication with your lawyer.  Sometimes the processes from separation to finalisation of a matter can take two years and that is a long time to have a relationship with someone without proper communication, proper etiquette and an agreed   methodology on the conduct of your matter and how to finalise it successfully.

Your lawyer wants to achieve a good result for you.  You have the same goal.

Never sway from that goal: successful conclusion to your matter.

Vizzone Ruggero & Associates and Adrian Twigg & Co have a highly successful family law team.

The team is headed by Lisa Ruggero-Salerno, a family law accredited specialist. The firm also has successful Senior Family Lawyers/Attorneys Daniella Ruggero & Scott Richardson.

Why not make an appointment today to find out how they can help you with your case?

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