Key Changes To Strata Living

By Joe Vizzone

New Laws are set to come into effect in the latter part of 2014 regarding strata living which will impact on the hundreds of thousands living in strata complexes in New South Wales.

Some will welcome the changes, others will decry them as another example of “Nanny State” legislation.

Some of the proposed changes are:

*Certain pets will be allowed in all complexes; *Smoke drift causing nuisance will be subjected ot penalties. *Owners Corporations will be able to limit how many people occupy a lot to stem the emerging trend of dividing lots into small rooms for individual letting. *Owners Corporation can enter into an arrangement with Councils to issue parking penalties.

A detailed set of reforms to the strata laws can be found at

If you wish to discuss the strata laws at your complex, please contact Joe Vizzone on 02 9667 1271 or

Joe Vizzone has over 25 years experience in property law. 

Don't crumble under the new strata laws.

Don’t crumble under the new strata laws.

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