Light In The Night With Team Sara

The Vizzone Ruggero & Associates team were recently saddened to hear that the daughter of one our dear clients has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia.

Sara is only 19 years of age but before and during her treatment she has been an inspiration to the community.

Kathryn Neville, who has worked at the firm for time to time, is one of Sara’s best friends and has been inspired to to raise money for Leaukamia and show support to Sara by forming “Team Sara” for the Light In The Night walk which will take place at Bondi on 20 September 2013.

Partners Lisa Salerno-Ruggero and Joe Vizzone have only been too glad to help the cause by donating.

We ask that our clients and others in the community also support this good cause.

We congratulate Kathryn on her efforts and our thoughts and wishes are with Sara and her family.

Want to donate or read more?

Visit Kathryn’s Page for Team Sara here.

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