Lisa Ruggero-Salerno Offering Family Law Mediation

Partner Lisa Ruggero-Salerno is not only an experienced family law litigator, but she is also a leading mediator.

Rather than getting involved with litigation, couples can meet with her and she will mediate on behalf of both of the parties. Depending on the wishes and outcome of that mediation, she can prepare consent orders and send the parties to separate lawyers to sign off on the agreement.

Her role is to help you both settle and reach agreement rather than enter the costly minefield of litigation.

Whether you are in a property dispute or a custody dispute, mediation can be a cost effective way for parties to resolve their differences.

Contact 02 9667 1271 (Mascot) or 9264 7244 (Sydney Office)

Lisa Ruggero-Salerno Accredited Family Law Specialist

Lisa Ruggero-Salerno Accredited Family Law Specialist

This article is about Lisa Ruggero-Salerno. Lisa has also been known as Lisa Ruggero, Lisa Salerno and Maria Luisa Salerno.

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