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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The Mascot (Botany Road) Town Centre has received an enormous vote of confidence from three of the big four Banks.

The Commonwealth Bank has reopened its Branch and the National Australian Bank is opening a branch next door to the Commonwealth Bank across the road from our office.

Further down the strip the ANZ and St George Banks aren’t going anywhere and the Mutual Bank has a branch there as well.

Banks are more likely to close branches rather than establish new ones. They do not do so without due diligence and extensive research. After years of bank branches closures everywhere the expansion of the banking Sector’s presence in Mascot is a great vote of confidence for the area.

We have been on Botany Road for 30 years and we are well and truly part of the Local Community with Joe Vizzone having served on the Mascot Main Street Committee and in the Board of South Sydney Juniors, Botany Bay Business Enterprise Centre and Bayside Business Enterprise Centre, Lisa Salerno-Ruggero serving on various women’s groups including Botany Children’s Family Centre and John Vizzone is a Director of the Little Hero’s Charity which is involved in teaching handicapped children water survival.

We remain proud of our local area and it is nice to see that the Banks are showing confidence to be part of it as well.

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Lisa Ruggero-Salerno, Partner

Joe Vizzone, Partner

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