Meditation as an Alternative to the Family Court

Mediation is an alternative to going to court.
ediation is an alternative to going to court.

If you are serious about separating from your spouse, your first stop should be an appointment with Lisa Ruggero-Salerno who can mediate between you and your spouse.

As Lisa Ruggero-Salerno has 33 years’ experience as an Accredited Family Law Attorney and Solicitor, she has the skills and knowledge to help you both to try and reach an agreement early in the piece without costly litigation.

If the parties agree and mediation is possible, Lisa Ruggero-Salerno will firstly ask the parties to write down their version of events, what is important to each of them and whether there is any further issues requiring resolution.

From this information by using her years of experience, Lisa Ruggero-Salerno will then prepare Consent Orders. Consent Orders are a written legal document where parties agree on certain things, which are lodged with the Family Court of Australia to cover any of the following areas:

  1. Parenting Arrangements

  2. Property Arrangements

  3. Maintenance Arrangements

Once the Consent Orders are prepared, each party will be sent to an independent Solicitor for the purpose of signing off on the Agreement. The Consent Orders are then lodged with the Court and the agreement becomes legally binding.

Since both parties are in agreement under this process, divorces done using this methodology are the most and cost effective. Not only does mediation save time and thousands of dollars, it also alleviates anxiety, stress and ill feelings especially if there are children involved as it a more conciliatory and soothing process whilst still achieving results.

For a mediation appointment TODAY with Lisa Ruggero-Salerno ring 9667 1271.  Lisa is available at both our City Office at 10/162 Goulburn Street, Sydney or 1129 Botany Road Mascot.

Finally, Lisa Ruggero-Salerno has the following tip:

“It is interesting that I ran into a Solicitor over the Christmas festivities who had the most bitter divorce.  I said to him “Have you gotten over your Divorce”.  He then proceeded to show me a photo of him and his ex-wife at their eldest child’s wedding.  He said “Had you said to me 20 years ago that I would take a photo with my ex-wife after such a bitter divorce I would never have believed you”.  His Divorce was very stressful and bitter.   You don’t want to be in a similar situation.”

Accredited Family Law Specialist
ccredited Family Law Specialist

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