Optus Allegedly Uses Man’s Drivers Licence on Website Without His Consent

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Twitter user tweets to Optus photo of their website using his drivers licence and demands money.

In a bizarre story twitter user @David_M_Green has tweeted to Optus a photo accusing the telecommunications of using his South Australian drivers licence on their website in a explanatory guide on how to enter your licence details.

The ABC have reported that Mr Green is an Optus customer but he had uploaded a copy of his licence on a blog many years ago and that it is alleged that an Optus employee may have googled licences and used it as an example.

“While it may not have occurred in this case, if Optus did breach Mr Green’s privacy, under recent changes to the Privacy Act it could be fined up to $10 million or three times the value of the damage it caused,” said VRT Lawyers Partner John Vizzone.

You can see the Tweet below.

Hey @Optus, I just learned you are using an image of my driver’s licence as an example on your website without asking me. Can I have some money please? pic.twitter.com/gHJqYjI4qf — David M. Green (@David_M_Green) January 17, 2020


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