Partner Lisa Ruggero Salerno Condemns Links Between Domestic Violence Charges and Suicide.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

By Lisa Salerno

Reporters have recently reported in the newspapers a link between filing with police domestic allegations and suicide of perpetrators.

Domestic violence has far-reaching effects in any society. The education and awareness of domestic violence is paramount.

Children should not be exposed to violence it has far-reaching effects. If you are subjected to any form of domestic violence, you should go to the police you should report it.  Sometimes women do not report domestic violence  because they want to maintain the stability of the family or they have no financial resources available to  them. 

If you need advice on your rights under the Family Law Act so that you are empowered contact Accredited Family Law Specialist  Lisa Ruggero Salerno or Daniella Ruggero on 02 9667 1271 or email.

Daniella Ruggero – Accredited Family Law Specialist

Lisa Ruggero Salerno –  Accredited Family Law Specialist

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