Q & Series: Why Choose a Solicitor or Lawyer Over a Conveyancer?

This week’s question is probably the second most asked question that we get. What is the most asked question? We’ll save that for another day. Who better to ask this week’s question than our resident Property Partner and expert of 30 years than Joe Vizzone. He has acted on literally thousands of conveyancing matters and unofficially holds the world record for the most conveyances on one street. So, Joe what really is the difference?

A Solicitor has far greater and deeper knowledge of the law and is able to better handle those aspects of a property transaction which extends beyond simple conveyancing. A Solicitor or Lawyer, unlike a conveyancer, is qualified to alert you to any possible tax implications, any succession issues that might arise from the transaction, any adverse claims against your title and the possibility of any disputes with your co-owners.
In short a Solicitor can provide a far greater overview of your legal position and the ramifications of your actions compared to a conveyancer who is trained exclusively to deal with simple property matters. And remember, what may appear to be a basic simple property matter has a propensity to become your worst nightmare

This is important advice by Joe Vizzone. A property is likely to be the biggest investment you will ever make and it is important that you obtain quality expert legal advice. Why risk your most important asset?   Joe Vizzone our property team are able to handle your conveyancing and property matters from both our Mascot and Sydney CBD Offices. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our team on 02 9667 1271.

Joe Vizzone

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