Successful Appeal Against the Decision of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia (Now Known As T

Don’t just accept the Court’s decision if you honestly believe you have been hard done by.

Vizzone Ruggero & Associate’s Scott Richardson recently had success on behalf of a client when appealing a Federal Magistrates Court of Australia decision in relation to the property issues of a divorce.

The Full Court agreed with us when we took our client’s case to them arguing that the Federal Magistrate had incorrectly applied the law as it related to initial contributions (eg. an inheritance from our client’s father), issues of domestic violence and future needs. The result meant that our client received an extra $43,000 and was able to help his elderly mother moving forward.

If you aren’t happy with the way you have been treated by the Courts come and see us and we can provide you with reliable, fast and confidential advice about your family law rights.

Scott Richardson is an experienced lawyer and advocate who has vast experience in family law and criminal law. Vizzone Ruggero & Associates has a team of family law and divorce experts including an Accredited Family Law Specialist who can assist you with your family law case.

For more information about this family law case or any other family law matter or divorce inquiry, please email or call 02 9667 1271.

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