Taking Control of Christmas After Separation

For those families that are unfortunately going through the throes of a break-up or a divorce, christmas can be anything but a joyous occasion.

Deep-seated disputes over the custody of children can turn particularly nasty when arguments start over where the children are going to be for the school holidays and Christmas day.

Without proper Orders in place, Christmas can became hostile and chaotic and it is usually the children who suffer, or the parent who no longer is allowed access to those children.

The only way to prevent such a situation is through the obtaining of Court Orders.

The Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court have powers to Order the way in which children spend time with each parent and their families. Orders usually also include a clear guideline for important occasions such as birthdays and Christmas so that each party knows well in advance what the state of play is.

Often the Orders will allow children to split their day up on Christmas day, or allow each parent to take turns year-on-year at spending Christmas with their children.

The Orders are exactly that: Court Orders. Any breach of the Orders is enforceable in the Court.

We recommend that you take control of the situation and obtain Orders as soon as possible so that disputes between the parties involving the children can be kept to a minimum.

Orders can be made by Consent, that is that the parties agree, or on argument before the Court if consensus cannot be reached.

At Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers, we have an outstanding record of success in Family Law and custody disputes. Our team is headed by an Accredited Family Law Specialist and all of our Family Law lawyers have expert training and experience in the family law space.

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Divorce is difficult at christmas.

Divorce is difficult at christmas.

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