Teacher Sacked for Correcting Student’s Spelling on Twitter

Social Media Use Could Lead to a breach of an Employment Agreement

A US school has reportedly sacked a teacher for correcting a student’s spelling on Twitter.

According to the www.9news.com.au report, the student posted on Twitter that they hope that school is closed “tammarow”.

The teacher replied: “But then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow'”?

The teacher was dismissed as the school disagreed with the tone of the teacher who was using the school’s official social media account.

Although this happened in the US, it serves as a warning to employees that posts on social media, whether for work purposes or not, can result in dismissal.

In Australia, there have been many cases involving the use of social media that have resulted in dismissal and have found their way to the Fair Work Commission.

Such examples included the dismissal of a worker who had participated in 3,000 google mail chats in a three month period, and a case where to workers had posted pictures of themselves “planking” at work.

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