The Launch of VRT Lawyers

Dynamic Mascot Law Firm Merges with Long Established City Family Law Specialist Firm

Vizzone Ruggero & Associates and Adrian Twigg & Co are pleased to announce their merger effective 1 July 2014 to create Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers (“VRT LAWYERS”).

VRT Lawyers has now launched complete with a new logo, a new website and a new identity.

The firm will build on the history and success of Vizzone Ruggero & Associates and Adrian Twigg & Co.

Vizzone Ruggero & Associates has been a successful boutique firm in Mascot and the Eastern Suburbs for thirty years.

Founded by Partners Lisa Ruggero-Salerno and Joseph Vizzone, the firm has been at the forefront of the law with many cases run by the firm causing changes to both case law and legislation, particularly in the areas of family law and succession law involving contested estates and wills.

The firm has also been a leader in its local community, sponsoring local schools and sporting teams but most importantly always ensuring the best outcomes for their clients.

“The most important thing for us is that the client always comes first. Our intention is always to look after the client and obtain the best result for them, whether going to Court or settling the matter early in the client’s interests,” said Partner Lisa Ruggero-Salerno.
“It is because of this virtue the firm has grown and the reason why the majority of our work is from referral from existing clients”.

Vizzone Ruggero & Associates joined forces with Adrian Twigg & Co in recent years to create a successful partnership which has led to the creation of VRT Lawyers.

Adrian Twigg & Co has been a leading city based family law firm since 1922, bringing a wealth of experience and history to the practice.

“We think this merger with Adrian Twigg & Co, established in 1922, will bring history and experience to firm, and with the tenacity and capacity of Vizzone Ruggero & Associates, we think that VRT Lawyers will be a leading force in the legal profession,” said Ms Ruggero-Salerno.

VRT Lawyers will see Lisa Ruggero-Salerno and Joseph Vizzone continue on as Partners, with Adrian Twigg & Co Partner Daniella Ruggero also joining the partnership of VRT Lawyers. John Vizzone will also be welcomed as a partner of VRT Lawyers.

“We welcome Daniella Ruggero & John Vizzone into the firm as partners and look forward to the growth of the firm with the young ones who have taken on the tenacious attitude that the founding partners have had.”
“We thank our clients for letting us serve them for the past thirty (30) years and we look forward to serving our clients in the future as VRT Lawyers”.
“Our new logo, the tree, is to show what we firmly believe in; personal and commercial growth with our clients”.

VRT Lawyers will offer an array of legal services provided by industry leaders in Family Law, Property Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Public Notary Services and much much more.

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