Tips for Avoiding Court for Business Owners

If you run a business, the last thing you want to do is to be going the Court.

It can be an excruciating process involving a lot of time, effort and money and that does not even include the impact on your trading.

What is important is that you take steps whilst you are running your business which may avoid you ending up in Court or at least, help your case if you do end in Court.

Some ideas to cover your business include:

  1. Always confirm everything in writing. A good practice to get yourself into is when you come to a verbal agreement or even disagreement, write it down in a email and send it the other party to confirm what that discussed and agreed/disagreed upon.

  2. Always make file notes and be sure to keep them on file.

Having a file note or email confirming your version of events may go a long way towards settling or winning a Court case.

Ligation is the last thing you want to get involved in but sometimes it is unavoidable. Do your best to be prepared and the best preparation is to document things as they arise.

Finally, seek advice from a Solicitor earlier rather than later when problems arise.

If you have questions in relation to any matter and require a consultation please contact Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers of 1129 Botany Road, Mascot  or at our city office, 10/162 Goulburn Street Sydney on (02) 9667 1271.


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