Vizzone Ruggero & Associates Successful In Obtaining A Costs Order Against Police In Relation T

Vizzone Ruggero & Associates Successful In Obtaining A Costs Order Against Police In Relation To Negligent Driving Charge

Vizzone Ruggero & Associates once again showed this week why they are the firm to come to when it comes to looking after your legal matters.

Solicitor, John Vizzone successfully defended a client from a charge of Negligent Driving.

The effect of the charge was made all the more serious by the fact that there was damage to property in relation to the accident and if a Negligent Driving Charge was successful, the client may have been sued by the owners of the damaged property.

John Vizzone and his team were successful in having the Police withdraw the charges on the day of the Hearing.

As a result of the delay by the Prosecution in withdrawing the charges, John Vizzone made a successful application to the Court to have the client’s legal fees paid by the Prosecution.

This is very rare and only happens in a certain number of cases.

John Vizzone says that the case reiterates that it is important that people seek legal advice when they receive traffic infringements.

“Often people will pay traffic infringement notices for offences such as negligent driving without considering whether they were really negligent. There can be some serious consequences that flow from admitting your guilt in relation to a negligent driving ticket”, he said.

“It is also a dangerous move to make because after a few offences you may find yourself out of demerit points and facing the loss of licence”.

Mr Vizzone added that in certain criminal and traffic cases it may be possible to make a successful application for costs. The application must be made in accordance with Section 241-242 of the Criminal Procedure Act.

The effect of a successful application for costs is that the Prosecution and Police are ordered by the Court to pay some or all of the Defendant’s legal fees.

“It is important as a Solicitor and legal practitioner that I am aware of all of the features of the law that are there to help my client. My colleague, Scott Richardson has always stressed the importance of knowing these sections of the law and it has now paid off to the benefit of one of our most loyalist clients.” Mr Vizzone said.

Vizzone Ruggero & Associates Criminal Law Team is headed by Scott Richardson and John Vizzone who have built an impressive track record in obtaining favourable results for clients. Should you have any query in relation to this case or your own circumstances please contact 9667 1271 and make an appointment today.


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