VRT Client Obtains Non-Conviction for Three Drug Driving Charges

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Our client was a 17 year old apprentice who was charged with three Drug Driving offences over a period of four months. Prior to our firm assisting the client, he had been trying to represent himself with Magistrates in the Downing Centre failing to take into his unique personal circumstances.

On the first day of Court we asked that all of the charges be listed on the same day so they could all be dealt with at the same time. The client entered into pleas of guilty to each offence which was the appropriate plea given that each test came back positive for marijuana being present in our client’s system while driving.

Our client was not yet 18 and unfortunately not eligible for the MERIT Program. The MERIT Program is a three month, court mandated program available to adults who suffer from drug and alcohol dependencies.

We asked the Court for a lengthy adjournment so the client could undergo his own rehabilitation before being sentenced. The Court agreed to this and adjourned the matter for three months.

During this time, our client regularly saw a drug and alcohol counsellor and obtained a letter from the counsellor outlining the progress he had made in abstaining from drugs. He also completed the Traffic Offender’s Program and obtained some character references.

At sentence, the Magistrate was impressed with our client’s rehabilitation and the steps he took to address his offending behaviour and abstain from drugs. We were able to convince the Magistrate to listen to the our client’s unique story and accept his difficult childhood and how hard he was working to make amends for his life. The Magistrate also took into account that the client required his license to continue working as an apprentice. The Magistrate sentenced our client to a Conditional Release Order for 2 years without conviction. This means that our client does not have a criminal record and he keeps his licence. If you have been charged with Drug Driving or any other criminal or traffic offence, call our criminal law team at Vizzone Ruggero Twigg Lawyers today (02) 9667 1271 or email law@vrtlawyers.com.au

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