VRT Lawyers Helps Client Keep Her Licence for Mid-Range Drink Driving

We have once again had success in obtaining a section 10 for a client charged with mid-range drink driving.

VRT obtained a section 10 for a mid range drink driver.

The effect of a section 10 is that the client escapes conviction which means that not only do they maintain a clean criminal record but also that they keep their licence.

It is often difficult to obtain such leniency for drink driving but we have had a lot of recent success.

In this case, Partner John Vizzone

implemented a strategy which involved:

  1. Enrolling the client in the Road Sense traffic offender program;

  2. Obtaining reports from the client’s Doctor and Psychologist;

  3. Obtaining strong references to explain what lead to the circumstances of the offence;

  4. Making persuasive submissions to the Court.

Each case is different which means it is important that you have strong legal advice to present a strong argument- and your best case- to the Court.

John Vizzone is a criminal lawyer who appears in courts all over New South Wales. If you would like a FREE case appraisal or to secure his services for your matter either email john.vizzone@vrtlawyers.com.au or call 02 9667 1271

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