What is a Will and Why Do You Need A Solicitor?

By Joe Vizzone

No one is immortal. Death, taxes and the Rabbitohs winning the comp are the only certainties in life.

A will is a document which sets out where you want your assets to go after you die. Although there are procedures to upset wills, in most cases your will will operate to distribute your assets.

In preparing a will, you will need to appoint an Executor. That is the person who collects your assets, sells them if necessary and distributes those assets in accordance with your will. It is a position based entirely on trust and care should be taking in the selection of your executor. Solicitors often act as Executors. In most cases a spouse or adult children are appointed as Executors.

You may need to obtain Probate of the will. In its simplest explanation, Probate is validation of a will by the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The court makes an order that the will before it is the deceased’s last will and that it contains the deceased last wishes.

Some people use will kits for their wills. Like most things they are fine if they are done properly.But what if you get it wrong? The consequences could be huge.  You should consult a qualified legal practitioner to prepare your will for you and make sure the right people get your assets.

Our firm has prepared thousands of wills over the years and our wills have always been accepted by the Supreme Court when the time came to obtain Probate. Please contact Joe Vizzone on 9667 1271 and let him prepare a will for you.


Joe Vizzone VRT Lawyers Partner

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