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When families change, the right legal support can make all the difference. At VRT Lawyers, we approach family law with the understanding that we're not just handling cases – we're shaping futures. Our team specialises in navigating the complexities of separation, divorce, custody, and property settlements with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved. We offer a safe space to discuss your needs, working towards outcomes that preserve family relationships and personal dignity.

In family conflict, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's why our lawyers prioritise clear communication and compassionate service. We blend legal expertise with an empathetic approach, ensuring you feel heard and understood. From collaborative negotiations to representing your interests robustly in court, we focus on achieving solutions that meet your family's unique needs and circumstances.

We understand that family law matters extend beyond the legal paperwork and courtrooms – they involve real people and genuine emotions. As such, we strive to facilitate resolutions that not only address the legal aspects but also pave the way for emotional recovery and future well-being. Let VRT Lawyers guide you through this difficult time with the care and expert advice you deserve.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Understanding FDR: Family Dispute Resolution is a compulsory step for separating couples before they can apply to a family law court for parenting orders. At VRT Lawyers, we guide you through this process, which involves a neutral third-party professional helping you to discuss your family's issues and explore potential solutions. Our goal during FDR is to facilitate a constructive dialogue that puts the best interests of your children first.

Why Choose FDR: FDR can help avoid the emotional and financial strain of court proceedings. It’s designed to foster mutual respect and communication, leading to more sustainable parenting arrangements. Our team at VRT Lawyers supports you in preparing for FDR, ensuring you understand your rights and options.


Navigating Mediation: Mediation is a flexible and confidential process that can assist you in resolving both parenting and financial disputes as well as engaging in mediation representing our clients, we also provide a skilled mediator who create a safe environment for you to negotiate and reach a consensual agreement. Our mediators facilitate discussions, helping you and your former partner to find common ground and make practical decisions.

Benefits of Mediation: With mediation, you can expect a process tailored to your family's unique needs. Mediation often results in less acrimony and is generally more time and cost-efficient than going to Court. Let VRT Lawyers empower you with the tools for negotiation and collaboration.

Litigation & Arbitration

Understanding Litigation and Arbitration: In cases where alternative dispute resolution methods are not successful or appropriate, litigation may be the necessary pathway. Our VRT Lawyers team stands ready to represent your interests in court with robust advocacy and strategic expertise. Arbitration, on the other hand, is a less common but valuable alternative where an arbitrator makes a binding decision on your financial disputes.

Why Litigation or Arbitration May Be Necessary: We recommend litigation only when necessary, to protect your rights and achieve a fair outcome. Arbitration can be a quicker, more private forum for resolving disputes. VRT Lawyers ensures that you are fully informed and prepared for whichever legal route your case requires.

When an agreement is reached

Finalising Your Agreement: Reaching an agreement is a significant milestone. We at VRT Lawyers can help formalise your agreement through consent orders or financial agreements, making it legally binding. Our team assists in carefully drafting these documents to reflect your agreement accurately and to provide certainty for the future.

Moving Forward After Agreement: With a legally binding agreement in place, you canmove forward confidently, knowing that the terms are enforceable and recognised bythe court. Our firm stands with you even after an agreement is reached, offering adviceand support for any future modifications or enforcement issues that may arise.

Connect with VRT Lawyers

At VRT Lawyers, we understand the intricacies of family law in Australia and the emotional complexities involved in family disputes. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a pathway to resolution that aligns with your family's needs and helps you move forward with your life. If you're navigating the challenges of family separation, reach out to us. We're here to listen, understand, and deliver the results you deserve.

Reaching out to VRT Lawyers

No matter where you are in your family law journey, VRT Lawyers is here to answer your questions and provide the legal support you need. We combine legal expertise with a caring and personal touch, ensuring you feel understood and confident as we navigate these challenges together. Contact us to explore how we can help you find peace and closure, allowing you to move forward with your life.


These Q&A entries are designed to address common concerns and provide foundational information that can help Australian clients understand the importance of family law. They also showcase the expertise of VRT Lawyers in this area of law, encouraging potential clients to seek personalised legal assistance.

How do I begin the process of separation or divorce? What are my rights, and what steps should I take to protect myself and my children?

We believe at this pivotal moment; you need clarity and support. VRT Lawyers guides you through the legalities of separation and divorce with compassion and understanding. We'll help you understand your rights and responsibilities, navigate the paperwork, and support you in making informed decisions. Our goal is to protect your interests while aiming for an amicable resolution that allows for a positive future.

How will our property and finances be divided fairly? What am I entitled to, and how can we resolve this without unnecessary conflict?

Your financial security is paramount. We provide expert advice on how to achieve a fair and equitable division of property and assets. Our team will work with you to understand your financial landscape, negotiate on your behalf, and where possible, settle matters efficiently out of court. We're committed to finding a solution that safeguards your financial wellbeing.

What will happen to my children? How can we ensure their stability and happiness?

The welfare of your children is at the heart of our service. We help you create parenting plans that reflect the best interests of your children while respecting your role as a parent. From custody arrangements to visitation schedules, we strive to reach agreements that support your children’s development and maintain parental harmony.

Will I be able to maintain my standard of living post-separation? How is child support calculated, and what if circumstances change?

We understand your need for financial stability. Our team advises on spouse maintenance entitlements and responsibilities, helping you understand how the law applies to your situation. When it comes to child support, we navigate the legal requirements, ensuring that the agreed-upon support is fair and reflective of the needs of your children.

What if I believe the court’s decision was unfair, or there was an error in my trial?

If you’re considering an appeal, you need a legal team that can thoroughly review and assess the merits of your case. We provide a detailed analysis of previous court proceedings, offering honest advice on the likelihood of success on appeal and the best strategies to undertake.

How do international laws affect my family law issues? What if my child has been taken overseas without my consent?

With the increasing mobility of families, international family law issues require specialist knowledge. Whether it's cross-border custody disputes, international asset division, or Hague Convention matters, we have the expertise to handle the complexities of international family law.

Is there a way to settle our dispute privately, without going to court?

For those seeking an alternative to the public court process, arbitration offers a confidential and binding resolution. Our accredited arbitrators are equipped to make determinations on your disputes, providing a process that is often quicker and more flexible than traditional court proceedings.

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